buyers general rule.

1. Buyers must be willing to buy and have the ability( funds) for purchase before placing a call or order.

2. If placing an order for delivery to your location you are expected to make some certain initial deposit ahead of the delivery to aide a successful delivery.

3 If placing order for a delivery, Buyers should ensure to have arrange a safe passage for the delivery of the item.

4. site/Location for the delivery/Placement of the container should have been properly arranged for before the containers arrival to avoid feud/argument or altercation between Customers/Dealer/Delivery Person.

5. Ensure to use valid details when placing order.

6. Check your mobile (SMS) or your E-mail address for a transaction notification from Oakland regarding purchase.

7 If no message is received even after 30mins kindly contact the seller or otherwise call our head office on +12627321814to report fraud or delay 

Affiliate membership/agent/sales rep. rules.

1. You Must Always place your conversation with your respective buyers on record for quality assurance purpose.

2. Scamming or Defrauding buyers is deemed illegal and if reported, Oakland holds the right to get Your Page blocked, Accounts frozen or may eventually lead to an arrest as Oakland is a very reputable company with good record.

3. For security Reasons always ensure to verify Buyers potential location before delivery is enforced.

4. Once a date or time is taken and agreed upon by the You/Customer/Trucking Agent, then the delivery date and time cannot be altered or changed except for serious reasons, which must be related and also agreed on by all the parties involved.

5 Always ensure to keep track and record of the payments received from customers.

6. Oakland do not send videos as prove of sales to customers as they(Scammers) now post as Oakland by using our cam videos to defraud unsuspecting Public.

7. Must Submit every customers details received directly to Oakland Admins so each customers can receive our sales Notification.

8. You must also present all documents to the buyer inorder to avoid officials harassments or impounded 

delivery general rules

1. Oakland Cargos are not in anyways interested in your Delivery fees

2. A compulsory Charges/Payment would be collected upfront before the delivery depends on the Order of LPOD before delivery can be carried out, this is due to the fact that we pay the transport Agents/Truck Drivers ahead before take off

3. No additional Hidden fees is attached to the Delivery fees, except stated otherwise.

4. You can place order only, through our certified Sales Rep or Affiliate Members within your region to ensure a fast and safe delivery.

5. If any of the products delivered is found to be substandard/Sold On false description/Damaged, contrary to the Deliverer's Initial claim, the customer can call the dealer for a total refund/Exchange for such goods within its 2-15 working days of its delivery.

6. Oakland has the right to Demand her part/full payment at a anytime as this helps us update products docs with buyers info, and also aid in our successful delivery.

7. It may take Oakland 5-48 working hours to accomplish a successful delivery depending on the delivery location